Taking Over with Technology

In today’s world most people have their cell phone with them at all times. Did you know that the average person checks their cell phone 110 times a day? Mobile commerce is an easy way to reach a ton of people and advertise what your business has to offer.

Building a rewards program for mobile doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to be executed properly. With m-commerce on the rise, your rewards experience needs to rise with it – otherwise, your brand could get left behind.

Let’s see what it takes to build an unbeatable mobile rewards experience.

At the rate that m-commerce is growing, customers now expect your mobile experience to be a natural extension of your brand. Therefore, offering a second-rate experience is one of the quickest ways to damage your brand’s reputation. Research has shown that 30% of mobile shoppers abandon their transaction if the experience isn’t optimized, and 57% won’t recommend a brand with a poor mobile experience.

Knowing what constitutes a bad mobile experience is the first step towards improving it. Three of the biggest considerations are speed, design, and navigation. On a mobile device, customers have significantly less room to explore and understand the way your store is laid out. This means that large visual elements like product photography and logos can easily get in the way if not optimized for the device your customer is browsing with.

The best way to address this issue with your rewards program is to choose a solution that puts equal emphasis on your program’s mobile experience. Lucky for you, there are brands that believe in the future of mobile commerce and want to help you seize the opportunity it holds. Smile.io (to pick a completely random example) is committed to helping your brand build a rewards experience that seamlessly translates from desktop to mobile. With an infrastructure that can handle anythingand an easy-to-locate launcher on both mobile and desktop, customers experience the same premium rewards experience no matter which device they’re shopping with.

These considerations are sure to improve not only your rewards program but your customer experience as a whole, laying the foundation for unshakeable customer relationships.